Ron Moore Reinfects SyFy

dna-double-helix1-300x225Today’s ‘secret that was intentionally leaked to drum up media interest’ is that SyFy is about to make a 13 episode deal for Battlestar Galactica rebooter Ron Moore’s new series Helix.

Ron Moore created BSG, as well as its prequel, Caprica, which lasted only one season on SyFy, despite being very good (review).  It was recently reported that Moore was also a writer on the Star Wars TV series that Lucas was sitting on when he sold out to Disney.

Helix is about a team of scientists in an Arctic lab working to protect humanity from a horrible virus, kind of like John Carpenter’s The Thing.  The proposed series would air later this year if the deal goes through (cause it’s totally not already decided.  Really, this leak was an accident).


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