The 1952 Box is Opened

1952Director Brad Bird (Mission Impossible 4, The Iron Giant) has been working on a secret film project for Disney under the codename 1952.  About all we know for sure is that it was written by Damon Lindelof (Lost, Prometheus) and stars George Clooney.  Some have even speculated that the team was working on the new Star Wars, though we’re fairly certain that’s not it.

Yesterday, Bird posted this picture of a box marked ‘1952’ to his twitter account (click on it to get a bigger version.  Supposedly, it’s a clue as to what the mystery film is about.  There’s a lot of file folders, a box of film, and a record; but what’s more interesting are the pictures of Walt Disney, and the issue of Amazing Stories (a pulp sci-fi magazine and birthplace of Buck Rogers.  Bird actually wrote and directed an episode of the Amazing Stories TV series in 1987, ‘Family Dog‘).

There’s a lot of wild guesses about what all this means flying around the internet; everything from a Buck Rogers film, to a Walt Disney bio-pic (though given the people involved, I think something sci-fi/fantasy related is a lot more likely).  Our guess would be either an alternate history of the Disney company that involves actual magic, or they’ve dredged up an aborted science fiction film from the ’50s and have decided to put it into production.


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