CW’s Wonder Woman Series Held Back

Picture 1DC’s Amazonian superhero Wonder Woman has been something of a cursed property as of late.  Every attempt at a live action adaptation ends in failure; the latest being CW’s proposed series Amazon.

The first notable failed attempt was in 2005, when Warner Bros. hired Joss Whedon (who would go on to write and direct The Avengers) to write and direct a feature film based on the classic character.  He seemed a perfect fit, having crafted another female hero in Buffy The Vampire Slayer; but the WB wasn’t happy with the direction he was taking and the project ultimately fell apart.

Next up was a television series for NBC from David E. Kelly (Boston Legal).  This one made it to the pilot stage in 2011, but by all accounts, the finished project was of dubious quality and the show never went to series.

CW, having successfully adapted Superman into the series Smallville, and Green Arrow into Arrow, wanted to expand their DC offerings with a Wonder Woman series called Amazon (Because they can’t name a superhero series after the hero.  That would be stupid).  But in last week’s flurry of pilot orders, Amazon was conspicuously absent.  Now comes word from Deadline that the series didn’t make the cut; but all is not lost, the network has decided to ‘roll’ the project, giving its producers another cycle to fix up the script and try for a pilot next time.

Will the extra time matter?  Or is Wonder Woman just doomed to stay on the comic page?  Well, if Amazon fails, there’s still the Justice League movie, which will feature Wonder Woman, to look forward to.


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