Discotek Media Picks Up Blue Submarine, Tenjho Tenge

Picture 1Discotek Media added two new titles to its catalog yesterday, one of which is set to be the company’s second Blu Ray release.

Tenjho Tenge is a 26 episode martial arts / action series about warring factions in a Japanese high school.  It was originally released in North America by the now-defunct Geneon Entertainment.  Discotek’s release will be DVD-only, and include the subtitled version along with Geneon’s dub.


Blue Submarine No. 6 was the first anime ever produced by Gonzo.  The four episode OAV was also noteworthy for being one of the earliest anime titles to combine traditional computer animation.  The series was originally released by Bandai Entertainment, which, like Geneon, is now out of business. It was also one of the first titles to air on Cartoon Network’s ‘Toonami’ block, though in a heavily edited form.  Discotek will use the unedited version, and release the series on bilingual DVD, with a Blu Ray to follow later this year.

Incidently, when Discotek first announced Shin Getter Robo vs. Getter Robo, they promised a similar ‘DVD soon, Blu Ray later’ schedule, but they’ve recently backtracked, saying that the BD version is not ‘when,’ but ‘if.’


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