Disney Elaborates on Star Wars Plans

Picture 1In an interview with CNBC, Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed that in addition to a new trilogy consisting of Episodes 7-9, Lucasfilm will also be producing standalone movies featuring secondary characters from the Star Wars universe.  The current rumor going around the net is that the first of these films will focus on Yoda, though Iger refused to comment.

From the sounds of it, the studio will be alternating between the mainline and sideline films, ensuring that at least one Star Wars movie will be released per calendar year.


Bob Iger Quote:

I can confirm to you today that in fact we are working on a few standalone films, Larry Kasdan and Simon Kinberg are both working on films derived from great Star Wars characters that are not part of the overall saga. We still plan to make Star Wars 7, 8, and 9 roughly over a six-year period of time, starting in 2015. But there are going to be a few other films released in that period, too.


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