‘Do No Harm’ Did No Harm

Picture 2Did you watch NBC’s new Jekyll & Hyde-style  series, Do No Harm?  No?  Well, you’re not alone.

The network has canceled the show about a doctor with a split personality (neither of them, apparently, very appealing) after only two episodes.  This comes after the premiere won the dubious honor of being the lowest rated season premiere for a major network ever.  NBC produced 13 episodes, but with ratings that bad, it probably isn’t worth airing the rest (maybe they’ll show up online).


It got a 0.9 in the demos, or three million viewers.  Seriously, that’s Dollhouse numbers.  Why, then, did Dollhouse last two seasons?  Because Joss Whedon fans buy everything he makes on DVD and Blu Ray.  There may not have been many of them back then, but they were a dependably enough market for Fox to justify the investment.  Do No Harm, by contrast, has no inherent fans, and now it won’t have the chance to win any over.


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