S’More Entertainment Cancels Galaxy Express 999

8089_383610808367106_364047106_nS’More Entertainment, the most ridiculously incompetent company ever to embarrass the domestic anime industry with its existence, has put it’s release of the classic anime series Galaxy Express 999 ‘on hold’ (which is a nice way of saying it’s dead).

In an e-mail to  forum member WTK on Fandom Post, a company rep said:

We’re just holding back on the release date for the time being, analyzing sales and if sales on part one justify release of the balance of the series. With the advent of digital streaming and downloads, it’s often difficult to justify the costs involved in releasing 4 DVD box sets.

Of course, other companies are able to do that routinely, and they do it without cramming too many episodes on each disc, or hard-subbing the video.

Maybe, S’More, you failed because you took a show that only appeals to hardcore collectors and then produced DVDs that were of such low quality that said collectors would be embarrassed to own them.

Hmm, I use the word ’embarrassed’ a lot when I describe the performance of S’More Entertainment.

Oh well.  Hopefully this ship of fools won’t try their hand at releasing anime ever again.  It’s just a shame that such a wonderful series had to be left a mangled corpse on the side of the road for them to learn their lesson.


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