Torri Higginson at Toronto Comicon 2013

Torri Higginson WavingThe most important thing to take away from Torri Higginson’s Q&A panel at Toronto Comicon 2013 is:  Torri Higginson needs a job.   If you can help in any way; please contact her people.  She is a wonderful actor, and a lovely person.

During the panel, Torri said that Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones), with whom she costarred in Stargate Atlantis, had a penchant for stripping when they were doing scenes together and he was off-camera.  It was unclear if the stripping was intended to distract her, or if he just liked taking his clothes off and didn’t care if anyone else was around (although she said that for her part, she quite enjoyed it).


She talked about her time on Tek War, and working with William Shatner.  She said she had a low opinion of both TV and science fiction at the time (being a snobby, British-trained actor, and all), and thought that that show in particular had bigger ideas than it was capable of pulling off.  Torri also told a story about going to a dinner with Shatner, when he was unable to eat because people kept interrupting him for autographs.

She felt that her character on Stargate Atlantis, Elizabeth Weir, had become something of a dull administrator in the show’s third season, and was hoping that the writers would make more of the replicator-Weir storyline that would have let her play a villain, but after going to the time and expense of fitting her with a ‘sexy leather outfit,’ the story just kind of fizzled out.  (BTW, She bemoaned having to wear a red shirt throughout the series, and joked that if signified that her character would die in the first few episodes).

Video of Torri Higginson talking about Evil Weir and Dirty Weir.

Higginson explained the difficulties with being a female actor, and how jobs seemed to dry up as soon as she hit forty; precipitating her move back to Canada to see what she could get up here.  She mentioned a role she had in Chase, in which she was playing a ‘cougar,’ which she thought was odd, seeing as she was the same age as the male actor she was supposed to be praying on.


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