Michael Dorn and Brent Spiner at Toronto Comicon 2013

Brent Spiner Answers QuestionsThe volunteer wrangling those waiting for Michael Dorn and Brent Spiner’s shared Q&A panel at Toronto Comicon 2013 repeatedly yelled that this was the line to see Michael Dorn.  It was like Brent Spiner was all but forgotten.

But that all changed when the panel started.



Spiner (Data, of Star Trek: The Next Generation) opened the panel by announcing that he would answer any questions, save those dealing with Star Trek or his personal life.

One of the first questions concerned Brent Spiner’s webseries, Fresh Hell.  I don’t remember how it came up, but the questioner said that she had a press pass.  Spiner pointed out that half the people in the room had them, then asked the woman what paper she was from.  She said she was from a TV series, and upon saying the name, Spiner polled the audience to see who had heard of it.  No one raised their hands.  That probably sounds mean when you’re reading it; but over the course of the panel, you come to understand Spiner’s sense of humor

Video of Brent Spiner talking about Data’s Cat Spot

Video of Michael Dorn quashing rumors of a Worf TV series

Both men were asked their opinions of the new Star Trek movies.  Spiner said that J.J. Abrams is very talented and a great director, so he though it was fine to have him working on both Star Trek and Star Wars.

Dorn was a little more reserved in his compliments, saying that the movies in question were made with the intent of reaching a new audience, and they did; but that they didn’t feel like Star Trek.  He also  criticized the plot of the first movie, wondering why an advanced civilization like the Vulcans would just stand around when a giant spaceship invaded their planet and started drilling into the core.

An audience member asked about their voice work, which according to him was ‘arguably’ more difficult than regular acting.  Both disagreed, saying that it was actually the easiest acting job there is.  The fan insisted again that it was ‘arguably’ more difficult.  Spiner repeated that it wasn’t, but complimented the fan on his use of the word ‘arguably.’

After some fans sang Brent Spiner’s life forms song, Spiner said that despite writing it, he had never registered it with ASCAP, and had thus lost out on hundreds of thousands of dollars in royalties.

Another fan told them that Will Wheaton had just tweeted the to panelists his compliments.  Spiner said that Wheaton is just desperate for attention, and Dorn said that Wheaton is a bore.


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