Laura Vandervoort’s New Series, Bitten

Laura Vandervoot Toronto ComiconLaura Vandervoort has been cast as the lead in a new fantasy-horror series called Bitten.

Based on a series of novels by Canadian author Kelley Armstrong, Bitten tells the story of Elena Michaels (presumably the role Vandervoort will play) a young woman living in Toronto, who leads a secret life as the world’s only female werewolf.

During her Q&A panel at Toronto Comicon 2013, Laura explained that the werewolves in Bitten differ from those in other series, in that their transformation is not governed by the full moon.  They can change at anytime of the month, although there is some unpredictability about it.  Specifically, she talked about a scene in which her character is ‘getting excited’ with her boyfriend, and has to leave the room to calm herself down lest she wolf out.

Video: Laura talks about the werewolves of Bitten.

In the first episode, Elena will meet up with a pack and travel to Stonehaven, an estate owned by the pack’s Alpha, where she will learn to control her powers (at least to some degree).

Laura said that the new series would have a lot of action (for which she would be doing her own stunts) and a lot of nudity, which the audience was pleased to hear (though it’s hard to say if she was joking, or if any included nudity would feature her in particular).

The series, which is being produced in Canada, will air on Space (Canada’s sci-fi cable channel) at some point in the future. (For the record, Space does air shows with nudity… so it’s possible).


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