Zombieland Rises from the Dead, Looks Different

Zombieland-TV-ShowBack in January we heard that Amazon was producing an original series based on the 2009 zombie-comedy film Zombieland.

Of course, the original cast, which included Woody Harrelson and Emma Stone, was never going to sign on for a webseries, so a total re-casting was expect.  And now we have our first look at the new stars.  I guess the kind of look like the old ones; if you squint really hard.

Maiara Walsh (Cory in the House, Switched at Birth) as Wichita, Tyler Ross as Columbus, Izabela Vidovic as Little Rock and Kirk Ward as Tallahassee.

Also announced was Amazon’s plans for the maybe-series.  Apparently, they’re going to post this and 12 other pilots online and let visitors vote on which ones become series.  Does that mean they aren’t sure about the pilot, or are they just trying to drum up interest?


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