BBC Confirms Guest Stars for Doctor Who’s 50th

Doctor WhoThe BBC, through its official Doctor Who Magazine, has confirmed two of the oft-rumored guest stars for the upcoming 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who; and they are…







dwm-50th-scan-tennant-piperDavid Tennant and Billie Piper.  Tennant was the second man to play the Doctor since the show’s return, filling the role from seasons two to four; while Piper, as Rose Tyler, was the first companion; first to Christopher Eccleston in season one, then with Tennant for season two.

When last we saw them; Rose was trapped forever in an alternate dimension, with a kind-of clone of the Doctor (now half-human and mortal, and finally able to love her in the way Rose loves him).  We don’t yet know if that is the Doctor we’ll see in the special, or if the current Doctor run into the season two era Doctor and Rose.

The most persistent rumor concerning the 50th is that every Doctor in the show’s history will make an appearance in one form or another.  Does this latest news quash that, or is this just the first in a long string of announcements?


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