Has Sentai Filmworks Decided Not to Suck?

Screen-Shot-2013-04-29-at-6.01.08-PMA few days ago I talked about Sentai Filmworks’ upcoming release of the highly-anticipated Kids on the Slope, the new series from the creative staff behind Cowboy Bebop.

A few people who had received it early discovered that the Japanese audio on the eleventh episode was flawed, as the left stereo channel was missing (kind of a big deal in a show about music).  Sentai’s first response was, ‘too bad, we ain’t fixing it.’ Which was not the first time they had ignored their mistakes and left fans hanging.

But now it seems they may have changed their tune.


Today, we got news from anime retailer Right Stuf that Sentai has recalled the Kids on the Slope Blu Ray as a result of the audio flaw.  Are they actually fixing it?  Have they decided not to suck anymore?

We’ll have to wait and see; but at least it’s a hopeful sign.


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