Crimson Star Media: A New Anime Distributor?

485c3f86f96b641e3854e7469924611c1271397450_fullSupposedly, there’s a new anime localization and distribution company called ‘Crimson Star Media’ that’s poised to make its first licensing announcement.

Based on the company’s facebook clues, most people are thinking that it’s Looking up at the Half Moon.

Anyway, the real mystery here is whether or not this ‘company’ is legitimate at all.  You see, it’s run by a guy named Corey Maddox who has a bit of history (and I’m not just talking about his criminal record).

He also has a history of forming dubious anime companies.


Three years ago, Maddox tried forming New Voice Productions, and promised to license a title from CoMixWave called Hoshizora.  Rather than trying to license the title and release it like an actual company, New Voice instead started soliciting donations.

There were several fishy things about the ‘company,’ from the fact that it couldn’t pull together the stated goal of $3500 on its own, to Maddox’s use of an alias. (There’s a funny exchange in the ‘New Voice’ thread I linked to.  Someone links to a news story about Madddox’s arrest, and a person named DakotaSmith replies that they’ve ‘reported the post’ because it has ‘nothing to do with New Voice.’  Others quickly deduce from his online trail that Dakota is, in fact, Maddox himself).

But the worst part was when he said that they had entered into a production and distribution agreement with RightStuf (an actual legitimate anime company).  This would have given them a bit of street cred, except that RightStuf quickly chimed in to say that it was bulls#!t.

The ‘donation drive’ quickly fizzled out, and nothing came of New Voice Productions.

So, if/when you hear about this ‘new company’ in the coming months, be suspicious.


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