Discotek Media’s License Frenzy

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 4.10.03 AMDiscotek Media made a slew of classic anime announcements in the dead of night.  First up was the Go Nagai TV series Devilman.  The 39 episode Toei series premiered in 1972, and follows the adventures of a soldier from the Devil Clan, whose clan turns on him when he betrays them in the name of love.  This will be a subtitled-only DVD set.

Next, the Card Captor Sakura movie on DVD and Blu-ray.  This Clamp creation was previously released by Pioneer (and in heavily edited form by Nelvana).



The Third is Dallos; which was the first OVA (original video animation) ever released in Japan.  It was directed by Mamoru Oshii (Ghost in the Shell).  This one is destined for a subtitled DVD release.

The fourth announcement was Jin-Roh (which sometimes carries the subtitled ‘The Wolf Brigade’)  This, like Discotek’s Gunbuster 2, was previously released by Bandai’s international release arm, Bandai Visual.  Jin-Roh is getting a Blu-ray and DVD release in 2014.

The fifth and final announcement was Lily C.A.T., an OVA from 1987 about a crew of a deep space vessel threatened by a mysterious virus.  The DVD will include subtitles and the dub from the previous Streamline VHS release.

Discotek also announced September 24th release dates for the Great Teacher Onizuka TV series and the Blue Submarine No. 6 DVD.


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