Discotek Picks Up Cybersix, Fatal Fury

998573_671291782899919_192100585_nAnime distributor Discotek has licensed the Canadian/Argentinian/Japanese co-production Cybersix.

Cybersix; by night she’s a genetically engineered superhero hunting down similarly engineered creatures and villains.  By day, she’s a cross-dressing high school literature teacher.






The 13 episode series, based on the Argentinian comic book by Carlos Trillo, premiered in Canada and Argentina in 1999, and aired later on Fox in the US.  Trillo sued Fox shortly thereafter claiming that the James Cameron series Dark Angel infringed on their copyrights.  The case was eventually dropped because Trillo didn’t have the resources to litigate it.

In other news, they’ve also picked up the far-better-than-it-needed-to-be anime film based on the video game Fatal Fury.  Originally released by Viz, Discotek says they’re hoping to get a new transfer made from the original negatives, so they can give the movie its first ever anamorphic release.


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