Orphan Black Adds Two Characters

Tatiana-Maslany-with-Gun-670x1024And they won’t be played by Tatiana Maslany.

According to TVLine, two recurring characters will be joining the cast of the Canadian cloning series, Orphan Black, which aired its first season on Space on BBC America this past spring.

TVLine describes them thusly:



‘The first one, Cal, will be introduced in Episode 3 and is described as a ruggedly handsome, adaptive and extremely well connected woodsman who possesses the heart of a lover.  The other, more sinister-sounding newbie, Pastor Johanssen, debuts in Episode 2 and is the mercurial leader of a radical faith based “Prolethean” sect “who is fervently anti-science and views GMO’s and synthetic biology as a modern affront to God’s work.” 

It sounds like Pastor Johanssen may be related to the group that controlled Helena, as they have the same ideology.


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