Zatoichi: The Blind Swordsman Comes to Blu-ray

81690_slipCriterion will be releasing the first 25 (and people say American movies get too many sequels) films in the Zatoichi:The Blind Swordsman series on Blu-ray this November.

As you may surmise, the series is about a swordsman/gambler traveling around feudal Japan, who happens to be blind.

Some (I think nine) of these films were originally released on DVD by Animeigo, though they went out of print a while ago.  When I went to Animeigo’s site to look that up, I noticed that their release of the Lone Wolf & Cub series is also out of print.  Could that title likewise be in line for the Criterion treatment?

Release date for Zatoichi is November 26.  The listing says it includes 9 Blu-rays and 18 DVDs (don’t know how that breaks down).  No word yet on pricing.


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