The Twisted Twins at Fan Expo 2013

Soska TwinsThe Twisted Twins, Jen and Sylvia Soska, were joined by Tristan Risk to talk about their latest film, American Mary, and the project they just recently signed on for, a sequel to the WWE produced movie, See No Evil.




While neither of them thought that the first See No Evil was any good, they are both big wrestling fans, and believe Kane (the pro-wrestler-turned-actor who starred in the original) can act well.  They intend to turn his character, Jacob Goodnight, into an iconic horror villain in the vein of Michael Myers.  After getting the job, they trolled through online message boards to find what fans did and did not like about the first, intending to to improve as much as possible on the original, while still satisfying the existing fans.

There is an interesting contrast with their career as compared to another horror director, Don Coscarelli.  Whereas his first movie was bankrolled on a whim by his father using an extra $25k he happened to have lying around, the parents of the Soska twins had to re-mortgage their house to get the money together.

This put a lot of pressure on the two, especially since they were profoundly insecure about their abilities.  One of them (they’re identical, so I’m not sure which) talked about the diary she kept while filming, in which she wrote about how badly she had f#cked up, and how she had wasted all their parent’s money.

Soon after that, however, they received a message from director Eli Roth (Hostel), one of several directors whom they had sent their trailer to, and the only to respond.  He soon became something of a mentor to them, giving them notes on the film, and advising them through production of their follow up, American Mary.  Apparently, American Mary came about because one of them lied to Roth about having just completed a new script about a medical student.  When he said he wanted to read it, they were forced to script the new movie in just two weeks.

Both twins talked about being picked on in school, and how funny it was that kids that were mean to them are now trying to friend them on facebook while casually mentioning that they’re actors.  They said that people used to disparage them by comparing the two to the sisters in the Canadian werewolf film Ginger Snaps, but that once they saw it, they were quite happy with the comparison.

The twins later cast the star of Ginger Snaps, Katharine Isabelle, as the lead in American Mary; though they actually met her several years before when working as extras in the film Josey and the Pussycats, an encounter that Isabelle has no recollection of.

I walked into the panel never having actually seen one of their movies, but I picked up American Mary in the dealer’s room afterwards (I tried to get it autographed, but by the time I noticed they were there, the line had been cut off).  Point being, they were quite fun at the panel, and if any of that shows through in their movies, they must be quite good.


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