Classic Doctors ‘Protest’

classicdocprotestIn the months leading up to the official announcement, most of the rumors about Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary special suggested that it would involve a mega-team-up of all 12 Doctors, including the dead ones.

As it turned out, we only ended up with a partnership consisting of the current Doctor, Matt Smith, and the most recent predecessor David Tennant.

Well, by all appearance, some of the ‘classic’ Doctors, including Peter Davison, Colin Baker, and Sylvester McCoy, are unhappy to have been left out, and were recently spotted staging a mini-protest outside the offices of the BBC.

I say ‘appearance’ because this is obviously a publicity stunt.  I mean, if they wanted to be involved they:

a. Would have said something before the special was filmed.

b. Would have taken their protest somewhere it would be noticed by the general public.

Anyway, if nothing else, it’s a nice little shoutout.  But maybe it’s more?  Perhaps this is a bit of a hint that the classic Doctors will have some (even if it’s small) role in the upcoming festivities?


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