Classic Doctor(s) to be in Doctor Who 50th After All?

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 7.40.20 PMToday, the fifth Doctor, Peter Davidson, confirmed (however vaguely) that he has some kind of role in Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor.

In speaking with the website BANG Showbiz, Davidson said:

“I’m making an appearance somewhere over that period of time but I can’t reveal in what.  I can’t reveal anything specific about it.  I’m not allowed to.  It is a big year for the show and we’re all doing our bit for it. Trust me.”

Of course, that could mean anything from a major role, to a picture of him in the background.


Significantly, earlier this week, Davidson was one of three classic-era Doctors staging (by which I mean it was highly staged) a protest outside the BBC offices demanding their inclusion in the 50th anniversary.

Does this revelation mean that fellow protestors Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy will be showing up in the special as well?


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