Blu-ray Review: Roman



Echo Bridge

Kristen Bell stars (for some reason) in this ultra-low budget horror / psychological thriller.






Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 5.13.34 PMI wonder if she knew someone involved in the production.  I mean, she did this in 2006, two years after she started Veronica Mars.  Sure, that show was never a huge hit, but it got some critical recognition.  It was widely reported that she was offered roles in the two biggest genre shows on TV right after Mars was cancelled, Heroes and Lost.  She picked Heroes, which had just finished its first season.  In retrospect, she picked wrong.

But with so many prospects, why this?  It looks like it was shot on video tape, and the story is nothing special.

It stars Lucky McGee as Roman, a ‘social outcast’ who never-the-less has hot women basically throwing themselves at him; if only he could stop killing them.  If you recognize the name Lucky McGee, it’s because he’s more famous as a writer/director (he wrote this thing too, but it doesn’t show).  He made The Woods, which was very good.  You should probably watch that instead.

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 5.13.51 PMAnyway, I’m not sure where they were going with this thing.  Roman is just a rapist, when you get right down to it (the fact that he failed doesn’t change what he is); so you can’t really follow his ‘psychological turmoil’ with any degree of sympathy.  When the second hot girl starts pursuing him for no apparent reason, the audience is asked to follow along as Roman comes out of his shell and grow as a person when really, you just want him to die a violent death.

The acting is fairly decent; but the script is very dry, so everything just kind of floats along with no real tension or emotion.  The direction is likewise flat; so what could be a creepy story of obsession and delusion has all the impact of a local news crime re-enactment video.

There was something there, I think.  An okay idea, a few talented people; but the whole thing just completely deflates on the screen.

I’m intrigued by how and why this movie ever got made, and why Bell was involved.  Was it a ‘Make-Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 5.14.00 PMa-Wish’ thing? Did she lose a bet?  Was she wowed by the script?  Was she trying to make her parents mad?  I don’t know; but I imagine the story of how she got involved is more interesting than the movie that came of it.

Roman is included in a two-disc set entitled ‘Horror: 6 Movies’ produced by budget distributor Echo Bridge.  Video quality is, as I alluded to, awful.  There are no extras (unless you count the other five movies).

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