Blu-ray Review: Killjoy 3

75814_frontKilljoy 3

Echo Bridge

A demonic vengeance demon, Killjoy, returns to terrorize a group of college students.  I had never heard of Killjoy before seeing this movie, as I’m sure is true for many of you as well; but my lack of foreknowledge did not seem to matter.





Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 5.17.03 PMIt’s a rather by-the-book horror film.  The kids receive a mysterious mirror one day, a mirror that acts as a portal to Killjoy’s domain.  They are sucked into said mirror one-by-one to face a variety of clown-themed horrors, until they all jump in as a group for the final showdown.

Killjoy is in the Freddy Kruger category of horror monsters, walking the fine-line of playful sadism.  But whereas Freddy occasionally achieves the genuine creepiness of someone that takes joy in harming others; Killjoy’s antics more often come off as bad attempts at dark comedy.  Neither scary, nor funny.  It isn’t enough for a monster to do ‘bad things.’  For a horror film to be effective; you have to believe it, and believe it can happen to you.  Killjoy is a silly clown character that can only exist in a movie, this can never happen to you.

Further sillying up the movie are Killjoy’s three henchmen.   The big dumb guy, Punchy (cause he has comically over-sized hands), Freakshow (a French mime with a conjoined twin-baby who barely appears in the movie) and Batty Boop, a naked woman covered in body paint (who exists to provide the film’s nudity).  I mean, they just aren’t scary.  Or funny.  I’m not sure what they were going for when they made this thing.

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 5.16.46 PMActually, the whole plot is very Nightmare on Elm St., what with the kids being spirited away to the otherworld ruled by the monster.  So, let’s add ‘unoriginal’ to the list.

Killjoy was produced by Full Moon Entertainment, who also made Evil Bong and Puppet Master, and to be fair, this was far better than any of those (even though it had the exact same tired old plot as Evil Bong).  At least this one was well produced.  The acting is fine; the plot, though used, is coherent; make-up effects are pretty good, and the video quality on the Blu-ray is very sharp (it totally shows off Batty Boop’s body paint).

Killjoy isn’t awful, but it isn’t good either.  If you have it lying around (like you bought a Blu-ray with Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 5.18.10 PMsix horror movies on it from the Walmart bargain bin), it’s worth watching, or at least having on the TV while you’re doing something else; but there’s nothing about it that warrants seeking it out.


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