Bubblegum Crisis Kickstarter

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Animeigo, the pioneering anime company (They may have been the first, depending on how you count, and how you define ‘anime company’) has been silent for a few years after partially releasing Yawara: A Fashionable Judo Girl and failing to licence the rest of the series But now it looks like they’re going to jump back into the anime market… if enough people pay them to do it.

Robert Woodhead, CEO and Founder of Animeigo has posted a Kickstarter hoping to raise funds for a Blu-ray edition of their most popular title, Bubblegum Crisis.  BGC is an eight episode OAV following the adventures of the Knight Sabers, four women who fight evil robots while wearing skin-tight robot suits.

Animeigo started doing ‘kickstarter’s 15 years before Kickstarter even existed.  The Kimagure Orange Road TV series was only licensed after a set number of people had pre-commited to buying it.  Super Dimensional Fortress Macross was licensed right away, but preorder pledges let the company gauge potential sales, and thus determine how much they could spend on the restoration.

The funding goal for the Bubblegum Crisis project is a lofty $70,000.  The minimum pledge is $25, which will get you a copy of the Blu-ray.  That means Animeigo wants at least 2800 people to pony up for this thing, and given what we hear about industry sales these days, that might be a bit of a pipe dream.

But I hope it works out.


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