Crimson Star Media: DOA

485c3f86f96b641e3854e7469924611c1271397450_full-217x300After my initial post about this now-dead anime company, I intended never to write about them again.  I just could not support them.

My problem was with the guy running it; who, in addition to being a registered sex offender, also had a history of starting fake anime companies.

Well, guess what happened.




Corey Maddox has gone back to jail due to a parole violation, and as it turns out, his latest ‘anime company’ was a little less than legitimate.

For all the (alleged) gory details, here’s a forum post from Neil Nadelman, the man hired by Maddox to translate his supposed license, Looking Up at the Half Moon:

Yeah, I got scooped on what happened with Corey because I just got discouraged with dealing with the Gwinnett county penal system. I did learn from a staffer at Anime Weekend Atlanta that, yes, it was because he went to Seishun Con to announce the title that he was jailed. An attendee informed a guest, who brought it to the attention of the Seishun staff, who then informed the police. 

So, yeah. I think at this point I’m not breaking any news that I can’t believe he was that stupid. Apparently, ol’ Corey never paid his full license fee to Pony Canyon, either, so final materials weren’t ever shipped to him. At least my visions of the digital Betacam masters sitting out on his porch for two months were never real. The saddest thing I’ve learned in all this is that he may have financed this all with student loans. You know, the one type of loan you can never get away from through bankruptcy? So, besides looking at a long spell in jail, he’s probably out thousands of dollars which he’ll HAVE to pay back. Maybe he hasn’t destroyed his future with this project, but it’ll take him a long time to recover from this, if ever. I’d think it was tragic, except this enterprise has been such a multi-clown car pileup from the start. 

However, the release is not officially dead. There is an active offer to Pony Canyon to assume the license. Beyond that, I can say no more. It’s kind of up to PC and the party making the offer to work out an agreement. However, it’s safe to say that Crimson Star Media is dead, dead, dead. If HanTsuki comes out, it won’t be from Corey Maddox. 

Let this be a warning to you all. If you want to start an anime licensing company: 

1.) Don’t do it just to kickstart your own voice acting career, unless you’re independently wealthy. 

2.) Don’t finance it with student loans. 

3.) Have at least one other partner in your company, in case you get hit by a bus, get sick, or unexpectedly thrown in jail for a parole violation. This brings us to our final lesson… 

4.) If you’re a registered sex offender on parole who is forbidden to come within a certain distance of minors, don’t go to a goddam anime convention! In fact, keep as far in the background as possible and have someone else be your spokesman. 

In conclusion, I hope this kid hasn’t ruined his life because of this stunt, because whatever else, nobody should have their life ruined over anime.


And thus, a shameful episode in anime history is over.  I’m perplexed and frankly a little embarrassed that the anime media was so quick to accept this guy, when everyone knew damn well exactly what he had done in the past.  Some anime websites even went so far as to ban people in their forums from talking about his criminal past.

Perhaps you think that watching child pornography isn’t as bad as making it (though I would argue that it incentivizes its creation), but it’s still bad, right?  Can’t we acknowledge that?

Or maybe you think that he paid for his crime and deserved a second chance.  Okay, but isn’t the first step in rehabilitation to take responsibility for what you have done?  Did Maddox ever do that?  All I ever saw was him getting angry and threatening people when they brought it up.  If only the children that were molested on video could brush aside their past as easily.

And then there was the lying.  When Maddox started his first ‘company,’ he solicited kickstarter-style donations by claiming that he had entered into an agreement with another anime company, Right Stuf, to produce and distribute the DVDs.  That was a lie, which Right Stuf quickly disputed.

But when he announced his new ‘company’ and new ‘license,’ Right Stuf was the first company to put it up for sale on their website.  WTF?

I know people are scared and desperate because the anime industry is in contraction, but bad companies run by bad people are not the solution.


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