Lost Doctor Who Episodes Found

_70352878_70352877Rumors have been swirling for some time that the BBC had managed to locate a number (possibly a high number) of the 109 lost episodes of Doctor Who.  The series was originally shot on video, and it was the standard practice of the BBC back in the ’50s and ’60 to reuse the tapes, thus many episodes were recorded over.   However, the episodes were also transferred to film for foreign broadcasters, and some of those old prints still exist.

Today, the BBC confirmed that they have found a number of previously lost episodes, and announced that a press screening will be held later this week, at which time the BBC will tell us how many and which episodes they’ve uncovered.

It’s an amazingly well-timed discovery, considering the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who is coming up in November, either that or the BBC has just been sitting on this announcement for awhile.


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