DVD Review: Dead and the Damned

deadanddamneddvdA cowboy, a slave, and a Native American face off against some zombies in the old west.









Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 6.09.49 AMOur hero, Mortimer is a bounty hunter and is hellbent on taking any bounty he can find, no matter how dangerous it is.  Apparently, he really needs the money.  To that end, he takes a job to track down a man named Brother Wolf, who is said to be quite dangerous.  Along the way, he picks up a white slave named Rhiannon, whom he intends to use as bait (Brother Wolf is wanted for the rape of a white girl).  The three eventually converge, but not before a strange meteor is dug up in a nearby mining town, causing all the townsfolk to zombify.

Here’s a bit of a spoiler;  The reason Mortimer needs money is because he raped a child himself.  The creepy part (if that’s not creepy enough) is the makers of the movie try to present Mort as a sympathetic character seeking redemption.  In his own words, when telling his story to Brother Wolf, Mort said  that the girl was ‘too young’ (and this is the old west; what’s ‘too young’ by old west standards, 12?) and  that he forced himself on her.  Mort justifies his actions to himself by saying that the girl was just too beautiful and he loved her too much.

Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 6.10.37 AMI’ll be generous and assume that the writers of Dead and the Damned are not actively trying to make a case for rape, but just really suck at writing and made word choices without thinking through the context of said words.  And to be fair, the rest of the movie does bare out the ‘suck at writing’ hypothesis.

You get the impression, watching this movie, that the entire thing was an elaborate scheme by the director and producers to see boobies.  Every female character in the film takes her top off at some point; and the scenes are so awkward, unnatural, and out-of-place that clearly either the topless scenes, or the rest of the movie, were merely tacked on.  I’m guessing it’s the rest of the movie.

The makeup effects are okay.  For an amateur production, they’re actually pretty impressive, though there’s a lack of consistency between them, like they had ten different people following their own instructions.

The acting is amateurish as well, but by those standards, not terrible.  To be fair, the writers gave them nothing useful to work with, and it’s hard to sound good when stuttering out stupid lines, even if you are a great actor.

After ninety minutes, the movie stops, rather than ends.  Apparently, the writers couldn’t even construct a complete narrative.Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 6.11.25 AM

So, it’s got zombies, guns, and breasts.  If those things, in and of themselves, are enough for you, then you’ll get what you want out of The Dead and the Damned, but if you expect those things to be surrounded by a good movie, you will likely be disappointed.

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