‘Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water’ Coming to Blu-ray

556776There were a few surprise anime licensing announcements over the weekend; the best of which was Sentai Filmwork’s pick up of Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water.  Nadia was produced by Gainax, the animation studio behind Evangelion, Gunbuster, and Panty and Stocking.  The show is a very Ghibli-esque family adventure series about a young girl with a mysterious past and a magic crystal who takes off with an inventor boy to find answers and ends up travelling with Captain Nemo.  The whole 39 episodes will be released on DVD and Blu-ray in March.  No word on the terrible, terrible movie.

Next up, Discotek had another batch of announcements.  First, another Lupin the 3rd movie, ‘Bye Bye Liberty Crisis.’  Then a few license-rescues, including DNA^2, Dragon Half, and the Fatal Fury OAVs (to go along the the previously announced movie).


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