Doctor Who Refuses to Appear in Doctor Who

dvd-doctor-who-daleksWhat were they thinking!?!

Back in the ’60s, Amicus Productions produced two films based on Doctor Who (though in these, he was a human with the surname ‘Who,’ who invented the TARDIS himself.  Who built the TARDIS?  Yes.) They starred Peter Cushing (frequent Hammer Horror star) and saw the Doctor facing off against his longtime adversaries the Daleks.

Steven Moffat, the current showrunner for the BBC series thought it’d be a good idea to make a reference to these nearly forgotten movies by having the posters appear in the background during one of the scenes.  But the current rights holders demanded too much money.  Said Moffatt:

When I started writing The Day of the Doctor I knew I wanted every Doctor to make some sort of appearance… But what about Peter Cushing? Now I love those movies… but they don’t exactly fit with the rest of the show, do they? … You remember that line, in the Black Archive, when Kate is explaining about the need to screen the Doctor’s known associates… She wasn’t supposed to be looking at the Vortex Manipulator – originally she was walking past the posters for the two Peter Cushing movies. In my head, in the Doctor’s universe those films exist as distorted accounts of his adventures… Sadly we couldn’t afford the rights to the posters.


What, you want to promote our old Doctor Who movies in the biggest Doctor Who related show of the past fifty years? F$#@ OFF!


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