Find Out Which Marvel Superhero is Joining Agents of SHIELD

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 5.40.10 AMABC’s Agents of SHIELD has been keeping the Marvel universe at arm’s length thus far, with little more than a passing reference or occasional piece of ephemera to tie the TV series in with the comics and movies.  But that’s about to change.

An upcoming episode will reveal that the recurring character Mike Peterson (J. August Richards), a single father who volunteers to scientifically enhance his physical abilities, is actually the famous Marvel comics character Deathlok (well, kind of famous.  Amongst comic fans, anyway).

There have been a few Deathloks over the years, but generally, the character is a dead soldier who is brought back to life using cybernetic implants, which ties in rather nicely with the Peterson’s last appearance in the TV series, in which the presumed dead character wakes up in a mysterious bed with an artificial eye.

Deathlok’s first appearance will be on February 4th, when the show returns with new episodes.


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