Tatiana Maslany: Then and Now

Tatiana MaslanyI attended the first Orphan Black panel at Toronto ComiCon 2013, about a month before the show premiered.  I remember walking into the room about 30 minutes before it started and getting a seat in the second row.  I also remember wondering if I was wasting my time hearing about a show that might end up sucking.  By the time it started, the room (rather small to begin with) was about a third full.

Turns out it didn’t suck.  This year, I got to the Orphan Black panel about an hour early, and ended up sitting way back (which is why the pictures aren’t as nice).  They did a raffle, handing out three hundred tickets (half red and half blue) half of which won free autographs (I won!).  It turns out that a number of people in the back didn’t get the tickets, meaning there were more than 300 people in attendance.

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