IronE Singleton at Toronto ComiCon 2014

Watika Lemon News Girls-2IronE Singleton is an upbeat, if not very punctual guy.  After a late start; IronE talked to fans about his time on The Walking Dead, and about his recently published memoirs Blindsided by The Walking Dead.

The book deals with IronE’s difficult childhood; a father he only saw twice, and a mother whom he described as a crack addict and alcoholic.  After his mother died when he was 18, he made the decision to honour her life by making his own life as meaningful as possible.

Singleton said that he had turned his book into a stage play in which he plays something like 18 parts, and that he hopes to bring the production to Toronto.

It didn’t sound like he was too interested in doing further work in the horror genre.  He’s a very religious guy and seems more interested in ‘inspiring’ people.



Watika Lemon News Girls-3 Watika Lemon News Girls-2 Watika Lemon News Girls Watika Lemon News Girls-6 Watika Lemon News Girls-5 Watika Lemon News Girls-4

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