Review: Chainsaw Sally

Troma (DVD)

The Chainsaw Sally Show is a serial killer sitcom whose creative exuberance generally makes up for its low budget.

In the first episode, Sally tries to borrow some books from the library, only to be rebuked by the male librarian.  In response, Sally tracks him down later that night, brutally murders him, and then shows up the next day, declaring herself the new librarian.

It’s hard to get an exact handle on Sally’s character.  For several episodes, she’s an avenging angel, out to protect her library assistant Poe, and then in the next she’s an irrational killer who murders just for the perverse joy of it.

The episodes run about twenty minutes each (some less) and usually involve a short hunt followed by a protracted kill.  There’s no real dramatic arc to any of the stand-alone kills, and each episode ends up feeling like a half-finished idea, more like a sketch than a complete story.  There is a larger plot line throughout the series involving a ‘Cowboy’ and a woman who wears tight sweaters, but it doesn’t really go anywhere and ultimately fizzles out at the end.  A secondary story involving Poe being bullied at school fares a little better, but is mostly just a series of plot points with no real effect on any of the characters.

The movie included in the set, ‘Grindhog Day,’ does a better job of giving the victims a background, but it doesn’t amount to much in the end, as they soon become faceless chainsaw fodder.

A lot of screen time is devoted to killing; unfortunately, very little money is devoted likewise.  The result is endless, boring scenes of Sally swinging a chainsaw at the camera while low quality fake blood is thrown on her.  I can’t help but think that this is a fetish come-to-life for series creator (and husband of star April Monique Burril) Jimmyo Burril.

There are some good moments throughout the series, and if you share Burril’s fetish for bloody women, you’ll be very satisfied.  The Chainsaw Sally Show is a novel concept, sloppily executed.

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