Where to Sell Nude Pictures Online

I’ve been a part-time photographer for a few years, and like anyone, I’d like to make a little money doing the things I love.  While I’m not cut out for wedding photography or business portraits, I am pretty good at glamour.

Finding a good site that lets you sell nude pictures can be tough  (Note that I am not talking about porn pictures, just pictures with nude models.  Some of the sites listed below will not allow pornography).  In this article, I’ll review a few sites that I have used.


Overview: While the site is mostly known for hand-made crafts, Etsy also allows you to sell digital files including pictures.  I made the most money from any site on Etsy… until they shut down my store.  After posting 60+ sets (some nude, some lingerie), I  got an email informing me that I had violated a vague rule against… something.  Really, they keep it vague for a reason.

Etsy says that they’re okay with nude pictures as long as they’re ‘artistic’. But that definition isn’t clearly defined, so you’re at the mercy of whoever happens to be checking it.

Money: The site gets a lot of traffic and generated a pretty steady rate of sales, most from people searching within Etsy itself.  One downside is that you have to pay to post something, so if some pictures prove unpopular, you might lose money on the deal.

Use: Posting sets is a bit complicated as they have size and file limits on their uploads.  For example, a set of 40 pictures had to be uploaded as four-five separate zip files.


Overview: BentBox was created fo the express purpose of selling pictures and videos.  While they have categories for non-nude pics, the vast majority of their content is of the nudie variety.

Money: Sales have been slower on BentBox than they were on Etsy (probably less than half), but that’s not bad.  While they don’t charge to post a set for sale, they do take a high commission (60+% of the sale price), and the commission varies based on the upload size.  The biggest downside is that BentBox has limited options when it comes to being paid – a few no-name paypal equivalents and Amazon gift certificates.

Use: The site is easier to use than Etsy, just drag and drop all the pictures on to the screen.  There’s a limit of 100 pictures per box (unless you pay for their professional account).


Overview: Diverxity is like a social network that lets you sell pictures.

Money: I’ve never made any money using it, though I admit to not putting much effort into the process.  Money people pay to unlock your sets is split between you and the model, but sales are few and far between.  From what I’ve heard, networking on the site can help increase your sales.

Use: One thing that makes Diverxity complicated for the solo photographer is that to post pictures, you need the model to have an account as well. The royalties, if any, are then split between the two.  I think it’s a nice idea, and if you can find a partner to work on new sets with it can be a good way of organizing things.  But for someone like me who has a large backlog of pictures, the prospect of getting all my past models to sign up is more than a little daunting. Like BentBox, it has a drag and drop interface, though there’s a lot more steps involved in posting.

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