Gunsmith Cats Anime Blu-ray Kickstarter Nears its End

Animeigo’s kickstarter for the Gunsmith Cats Explosive Edition Blu-ray is nearing it’s end. The initial goal of $95K was reached within hours, and the campaign now rests at just under $375K.  There’s three days left to get your pledge in.

Unusually for anime, Gunsmith Cats is set in the United States — specifically, Chicago. Rally Vincent and her friend May Hopkins run a gun-shop and moonlight as bounty hunters, which often put them at odds with both the local underworld and the local law (especially since May has a great affection for high explosives).

In this 3-episode OVA, Rally and May are blackmailed by a slimy ATF agent into helping him bust some gunrunners, but things rapidly get out of hand when they run afoul of a shadowy mastermind and a psychotic Russian hitwoman!


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