Local Comic Book Shop Wednesday – The Beguiling

The Beguiling is Toronto’s best comic book store.  I don’t think that anyone could make a serious argument against that statement.  What sets it apart from all the others is its razor focus on comics.  You won’t find toys, t-shirts, or candy here – just comic books of all shapes and sizes.

The result of this singular focus is selection.  You can find everything here; from superhero, to indie, manga, kids comics, and imports.  There’s even a section for self-published books that the store sells on consignment.

Two years ago, they lost their old location when Mirvish Villiage was razed to make condos (the closing was preceded by a massive 75% off liquidation sale which I took horrible advantage of).

Since then, they’ve continued to expand their new location on College Street.  They currently occupy three storefronts, with the third being their children’s comic store, Little Island Books.

Website: http://www.beguilingbooksandart.com/

Store: 319 College Street Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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