Jamie Bamber

Here are some exclusive pictures of Jamie Bamber (Battlestar Galactica) at Fan Expo.

Jamie Bamber and his beautiful, beautiful hair held a panel at Fan Expo 2012 to answer fans’ questions about his work, and to take their requests for high-fives and quotes from movies he wasn’t in.  You can see the videos below.

Many of his stories about working on Battlestar Galactic centered on his relationship with Edward James Olmos, whom he called Eddie.  Jamie did his impression of Olmos, which, despite being nothing more than a gruff mumble, was actually pretty accurate.

He told one story in which Olmos called him into the makeup trailer and sat him down in front of the mirror so they could figure out how to make themselves look father and son.  Upon seeing Bamber’s blue eyes, Olmos asked if he had ever worn lenses before.  Bamber said no, and Olmos replied, ‘I’ll wear the lenses, you dye your hair.’


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