Review: Grave Mistake

Produced, Written, and Directed by Shawn Darling.  Starring Shawn Darling.  Editing, Makeup, and Soundtrack by Shawn Darling.

Grave Mistake opens with a drunken fat man dumping chemicals on a few graves, which were placed in the middle of the desert for some reason.  The drunk man then goes home to abuse his child, Alex (Seth Darling), at least physically; though there’s an air of sexual perversion as he beats his son.  I’m not sure if that’s intentional, or just something the actor brought to the roll.

The ‘hero’ is Mike Shaw, a cowardly mechanic.  There’s a scene where he’s talking to the drunk man and mutters ‘beaten any kids lately?’ and when the drunk asks ‘what did you say?’ Shaw bravely responds, ‘nothing.  I was talking to my car.’  Yes, that’s our hero.

Mike Shaw used to be a Navy Seal or something, but he left because something happened and he now feels responsible for killing his squad; but that storyline doesn’t really go anywhere.  If my description sounds vague, just remember that I finished watching the movie five minutes ago and this is all I remember from it.

There’s not a lot of understanding of character arc or emotion.  People react in superficial ways to tragedy, but there are no lasting repressions.  For instance,  a woman’s son turns into a zombie and Mike kills him.  In the next scene, he asks her how she is, and she cries and says she’s sad because he killed her son, but she knows it had to be done.  And then the next line is, ‘so what did you do before you a mechanic?’  As if that would be the first question on her mind and not, ‘are we going to live?’ or ‘where did all these zombies come from?’ or ‘you killed my son, F$@# off!’

The makeup and special effects are actually pretty good, and satisfyingly graphic.  There are some gory scenes of people being eaten alive, and body parts being removed in a variety of ways.

As a movie, its mediocre, with a vapid story and horrendous acting.  As a show reel for someone’s makeup effect work, it’s worthy of an internship.

Hmm, this review needs a stupid, quotable pun.  I know:  Watching this movie would be a Grave Mistake!  Ha!

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