Review: Plastic Little

51S1PMERANL.jpgPlastic Little

Captain Tita is a pet shop hunter.  She and the crew of the Cha Cha Maru sail the ‘Sea of Clouds,’ on some distant gas giant searching for exotic alien life forms to sell to collectors.

But that’s not the plot of the movie.  Instead it’s about Elysse, the daughter of a scientist who was working on a gravity belt (the device that allows people to live on the gas giant).  The scientist tried to sabotage his own work when he found out it would be used for military purposes and died while helping Elysse escape.

Luckily, Elysse ran into Tita in a market, thus bringing the pet shop hunters a new mission.

Plasitic Little is a 50 minute one-shot OAV, that pretty much gets right down to business, which in this case is the business of showing topless ladies and explosions.  The story is simple, but not bad.  There’s a bit of a mystery, an escalation of threat, a mix of fast and slow scenes, and some nice action set pieces.  Given that it’s a very short film, the plot is pretty respectable.

Characters, likewise, are one-dimensional, but effective for their purpose.  Tita is competent leader when necessary, but prone to over-sleeping and self-conscious over her small bust size.  She became captain when the previous captain, her father, disappeared. There’s some sense that the crew, inherited from her father, stay on out of a sense of loyalty, or perhaps a need to protector her in place of their deceased friend.

Tita’s missing father, and the adoption of his work gives her a connection to Elysse, who is in a similar situation.

The OAV was created by Satoshi Urushihara, a manga artist who is famous for the way be draws women, which is kind of shiny and perfect.  Also, he puts far more effort into drawing nipples than anyone else in the industry.