Killjoys at Fan Expo 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKilljoys, a new sci-fi series from the creator of Lost Girl and the production studio behind Orphan Black will premiere on Space and SyFy in 2015.  The show follows a trio of bounty hunters in the distant future in some far off solar system.  They’ve only shot three episodes so far, so no one, including the cast, know much about it.

‘Killjoy’ is a term used in the show for a licensed bounty hunter.  A Killjoy level three is licensed to arrest bounties, while a Killjoy level five is licensed to kill.  Dutch, the lone female member of the team, is a level five.



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IronE Singleton at Toronto ComiCon 2014

Watika Lemon News Girls-2IronE Singleton is an upbeat, if not very punctual guy.  After a late start; IronE talked to fans about his time on The Walking Dead, and about his recently published memoirs Blindsided by The Walking Dead.

The book deals with IronE’s difficult childhood; a father he only saw twice, and a mother whom he described as a crack addict and alcoholic.  After his mother died when he was 18, he made the decision to honour her life by making his own life as meaningful as possible.

Singleton said that he had turned his book into a stage play in which he plays something like 18 parts, and that he hopes to bring the production to Toronto.

It didn’t sound like he was too interested in doing further work in the horror genre.  He’s a very religious guy and seems more interested in ‘inspiring’ people.



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Orphan Black at Toronto ComiCon 2014

Watika Lemon News Girls - Toronto ComiCon Orphan Black-4After a breakout first season, the stars of Orphan Black, Tatiana Maslany and Jordan Gavaris, returned to Toronto ComiCon to revel in their success.  It was a far cry from last year, when their first panel (see our report here), held a month before the show premiered, barely filled a third of the room.

This time around, fans waited over an hour to see the cast and find out what was in store for season two.

On the second front, fans were left wanting.  Jordan said that any attempt to reveal spoilers would result in their death.  However, two vague clues were divulged.  The first being that Felix (Gavaris) would find a love interest; and the second that Rachel (the business-suited clone we met at the end of the first season) would play a much large role in the new season, and would have a lot of interaction with Sarah (Maslany).

Most of the questions asked by fans were along the lines of ‘who would win in a fight,’ or ‘who’s your favourite clone?’  One woman cried as she told Tatiana what an inspiration she was to her, causing Maslany herself to tear up.


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Tatiana Maslany: Then and Now

Tatiana MaslanyI attended the first Orphan Black panel at Toronto ComiCon 2013, about a month before the show premiered.  I remember walking into the room about 30 minutes before it started and getting a seat in the second row.  I also remember wondering if I was wasting my time hearing about a show that might end up sucking.  By the time it started, the room (rather small to begin with) was about a third full.

Turns out it didn’t suck.  This year, I got to the Orphan Black panel about an hour early, and ended up sitting way back (which is why the pictures aren’t as nice).  They did a raffle, handing out three hundred tickets (half red and half blue) half of which won free autographs (I won!).  It turns out that a number of people in the back didn’t get the tickets, meaning there were more than 300 people in attendance.

Review: Bitten

Elena’s a werewolf, but would prefer not to be.  Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 5.50.58 AMIn the Bitten universe, transforming is a matter of choice, and not tied to the cycle of the moon; however, it is a compulsion, and if left unfulfilled for too long, it will assert itself whether the wolf in question wants it or not.

This happens in the first scene, as Elena has to stop a love making session with her boyfriend, Philip, a successful ad man (advertising has joined the ranks of doctor and lawyer in the field of ‘cliched jobs for successful people in fiction’), and run away to a secluded alley where she strips down and wolfs out.

During a panel at Fan Expo 2013, the cast talked a lot about the show’s ‘sexiness’, (and star Laura Vandervoort was talking about it at Toronto ComicCon).  I suppose it’s true by normal TV standards; but in a world with True Blood and Spartacus, Bitten‘s ‘naked from behind’ shots are fairly tame.  The sexuality in the series has a soap-opera or ‘women’s movie’ kind of feel; one that emphasizes sensuality over eroticism.

By day, Elena’s an art photographer who hasn’t been discovered, and yet she’s inexplicably able to support herself.  We come to find out that she’s Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 5.50.32 AMa foster child whose only semblance of a family is a wolf pack in upstate New York; a wolf pack that she wants nothing to do with.  The wolf pack, of course, feels differently, and when a ‘mutt’ (some kind of unruly werewolf) kills a woman, they call on Elena to come back to help find him (since she’s the best tracker).

But Elena’s reticence to return is not based solely on her aversion to being a werewolf; there’s also the matter of her former lover, Clay.

Bitten is a well-produced series.  The acting is good, the scenery (especially Stone Haven) is beautiful, and the werewolf transformation effects are clean and believable (CG on top of human actors).  The cast is all good looking in that soap-opera sort of way (hmm, I compared this to soap-operas twice now).

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 5.51.16 AMThe plot hasn’t grabbed me yet, though.  Anyone familiar with the ‘supernaturals in the real world’ genre will have seen this basic setup many times before.  It’s executed well, so if you’re a fan of this kind of show you’ll probably like it a lot; but it doesn’t have a defining characteristic that sets it apart from the others (unless you count the partial nudity).

DVD Review: ReBoot


Shout Factory

ReBoot was the first computer animated TV series, but having decided to exploit this new technology, the creators of the show came up with the laziest premise possible: people living inside a computer.  And so it continued for two seasons; campy, childish, and trite.

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