Killjoys at Fan Expo 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKilljoys, a new sci-fi series from the creator of Lost Girl and the production studio behind Orphan Black will premiere on Space and SyFy in 2015.  The show follows a trio of bounty hunters in the distant future in some far off solar system.  They’ve only shot three episodes so far, so no one, including the cast, know much about it.

‘Killjoy’ is a term used in the show for a licensed bounty hunter.  A Killjoy level three is licensed to arrest bounties, while a Killjoy level five is licensed to kill.  Dutch, the lone female member of the team, is a level five.



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Lloyd Kaufman at Fan Expo 2013

Troma 5Lloyd Kaufman, head of Troma Entertainment, put on a lively panel at Fan Expo 2013, despite an audience that was pretty reticent at the start.

The panel was focused primarily on Troma’s upcoming film Return to Nuke ‘Em High, a gore and sex filled extravaganza that will be released in two volumes (Kill Bill style).  The first is complete and showing in select theaters, while the second is currently in production. Continue reading

John Rhys-Davies Does Not Like Sliders

John Rhys-Davies let loose a volley of criticism at the writers of the TV series Sliders, on which he played Prof. Maximilian Arturo, during his Q&A panel at Fan Expo 2012.

In particular, he bemoaned their lack of creativity, noting that the series featured episodes which ripped off (his words) the movies Tremors, Night of the Living Dead, and Twister.  He said that he once walked into the writers room to find them huddled around a TV watching a DVD of the movie Species and discussing which parts of it they could copy (this became the third season episode ‘The Breeder’).

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Julie Benz at Fan Expo 2012

Julie Benz, star of Dexter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the upcoming Defiance, answered fan questions today during her Q&A panel at Fan Expo 2012.

When asked if her departure from Dexter was her choice, she quickly answered ‘no,’ before the fan had even finished asking.  She went on to say that she only found out a few days before they filmed her death scene, and that the crew didn’t find out until the moment of shooting.  She expressed sadness over leaving, but added that the fact that the show ‘doesn’t pull any punches’ is what makes it good.

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