Indie Comic Gold Digger Hits a Milestone

While overshadowed by Action Comic’s issue 1000, Fred Perry’s indie comic Gold Digger is reaching a landmark of it’s own; issue 250.  In some ways, Gold Digger’s achievement is more impressive, as every one of the 250 issues was written and drawn by Perry himself (who still found time for spin-offs, mini-series, other originals, and a Patreon where he posts pornographic parodies of his own work – really).

Gold Digger started with a three issue mini-series in 1992, then continued with a black and white series for 50 issues, before switching to colour for the next two hundred.

Gina is absolutely enchanted by Britanny’s ‘Star Wars Fan Credit Union’ and is totally digging on their new branch’s grand opening theme party! But there’s a dark side to this celebration, and when ‘Darth Britanny’ shows up to take Gina before the ‘Bank Emperor’, the light sabers come out, and it’s a duel of the fates!